Monday, December 5, 2011

Check out Cosmo's Revenge

Now that the football season's over, you can come see my new website outlining a proposal of mine about a game to teach incoming freshman about some trivia and geography at the University of Utah.   The story is that BYU's mascot, Cosmo, has stolen the 2009 Sugar Bowl trophy and your the detective that has to follow the clues to find it.  Come see the game at

Monday, November 21, 2011

Utes back in hunt for PAC-12 Championship

What a difference a month makes.  Since losing their first four conferences games, the University of Utah pulled to an even 4-4 on Saturday after defeating the Washington State Cougars 30-27.   But even better, the Arizona Wildcats defeated the Arizona State Sun Devils leaving ASU tied with the Utes and both teams one game behind the 5-3 UCLA Bruins.  The south division standings are as follows—

                  9-2 (Ineligible)

 With one week left in the season, Utah is still in the race to be the south division representative in the first ever PAC-12 championship football game.  But the Utes still need a little help.  UCLA is the only team of the 3 that controls their own destiny.  If they win their game against USC this Saturday, they will be in the championship game.  In the event of 3-way tie, Arizona St would go to the championship by virtue of their win over the Utes, and USC.  For the Utes to go to the championship game, both Arizona State(vs Cal) and UCLA must lose their games.  But given the events of the last two weeks with Arizona State falling to both Washington State and 3-8 Arizona, the Utes are starting to look like a team of destiny.  My delusion of playing in the rose bowl still lives.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The 2011 Football Season LIVES

We’re gonna play a different game today…..

The University of Utah’s football team improved to 6-4 on the season and 3-4 in conference with a 31-6 thrashing of division leader UCLA on Saturday.   The story of the game was thought to be the Utes getting their 6th win and becoming bowl eligible.  Many were very pleased with a season that looked somewhat salvaged. 

Then 4 more hours passed and everything changed.

The WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS (were gonna use caps to honor them) defeated Arizona State in Pullman amidst freezing temperatures and falling snow.  That unlikely result puts the Utes pack in contention to do much more than simply salvage their season.  The Utes are now only 1 game behind Arizona State and UCLA to represent the South Division in the inaugural PAC-12 championship.  My dream and mid-season delusion still lives.

But for that (still delusional) dream to happen, Arizona MUST beat Arizona state this Saturday.   In that event, Utah could very easily become part of a 3 way tie for the South Division championship and (by virtue of being highest in the BCS poll) represent the South Division in the championship game.  Go Wildcats!!!!!  After losing Jordan Wynn and after losing their first 4 conference games, the Utes are one epic Sun Devil meltdown game away from being tied up.

So…as I said, were gonna play a different game today and break down what needs to happen for Arizona to pull off the upset and do this for the Utes.  Here are some of my keys to the game—

·        Nick Foles and the Arizona offense must be effective in the short passing game and possess the ball.  Arizona cannot run effectively

·        They cannot give away any points.  Arizona is 12th in the PAC-12 in total defense and they must make the Sun Devils earn it

·        Hello Wildcat coners?  Earth to Wildcat corners?  Arizona’s pass defense is despicable.  You must show up in this one guys.  You have to play the best game all season to keep Brock Orsweiller and that Sun Devil offense from exploding.

·        Keola Antolin must give Arizona at least a passable running attack and soften up that defense

Go Wildcats….Beat those Sun Devils

Utah, Washington State breakdown to come later this week.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Utes Get First PAC-12 Road Victory

Ahhhhh….That feels better.  After winning two in a row and getting their first PAC-12 road victory, the season finally feels back on track and meaningful for the Utah Utes.  Jon Hays threw for 199 yards and John White ran for another 109 and the Utah Utes handled the Arizona Wildcats 34-21 last Saturday.  Perhaps most importantly, the offense had no turnovers.  Defensively, Utah did what Utah does.  They were stifling to the run, pressured a very good Arizona quarterback in Nick Foles and tightened the screws in red zone. 

The result is Utah is back over .500 at 5-4 and this week they play a very meaningful game at home against UCLA…..And that would be the new division leader UCLA by the way.  This is a statement game for the Utes.  It’s a game to attain bowl eligibility, to beat a team in the upper echelon of the PAC 12 and a game that just might (delusional moment) get you back into the South Division race.  It won’t be easy.  After beating Cal and Arizona State, it’s clear the UCLA is playing their best ball of the season and this game means everything to them as they have the inside track to the PAC-12 championship game.  Here are some my keys to this week’s game—



·        As Usual, Jon Hays must continue to progress and make plays downfield

·        Utah’s Offensive line must continue to be physical and force UCLA to bring 8 in the box

·        Defense and special teams must continue to put the offense in good situations

Redemption (too some degree) is at hand in this game.  And I….am still plotting and scheming ways of getting in the Rose Bowl.  Go Washington State…Beat ASU.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My new website. The PAC-12 Travel Guide

For a project for school, I have created a webpage called the PAC-12 Travel Guide.  I made the  travel guide for sports fan who want to travel with their team into PAC-12 cities and venues.   The audience was the standard issue (lughead) college football fan (me).   I hope you enjoy it.  I enjoyed making it.....and now I really really want to visit Seattle.  If you want to visit it, here it is.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Utes Get First PAC-12 Win!

Everybody take a big sigh of relief.  The University of Utah has won a PAC-12 game.  John White racked up 205 yards and the Utes got the win over Oregon State 27-8.  Was it pretty? No…..The offense still struggled mightily as they totaled only 287 yards, 13 first downs and a measly SIXTY-TWO YARDS PASSING!!!!  As the offense struggled, the defense performed.  Oregon State totaled only 263 yards, 32 rushing and scored only 8 points. 

Impressively, Utah is ranked first in the PAC-12 in total defense and dead last in total offense.   That is a testament to how well Utah is defending this year considering an offense ranked dead last would be giving an opponent more possessions and time of possession.  The disparity raises the question…….

Is Kyle Whittingham over-stacking the defense with the teams best players?

Think about it……

Would Star Lotulelei not make a wonderful Guard?  Would the Kruger brothers not be effective Tackles?  Could Brian Blechen (a converted Quarterback) be the best QB on this team?  The disparity between the offense and the defense makes these important questions and an issue that the Utes will have to deal with moving forward in the PAC-12.

Up next for the Utes is the Arizona Wildcats (2-6) as they try to make history again and record their first ever road victory in the PAC-12.  It wont be easy.  Don’t be fooled by that record.  Nick Foles is an excellent Quarterback as is the Wildcat offense.  They’ll have some success….Even against a strong Utah defense.  It will be important for the Utes' offense to continue to limit turnovers and make enough plays to win the game.  Some of my keys to the game are—

·     -- Jon Hays must make some plays downfield to stretch the AU defense

·      --The Utah offensive line has to continue to open holes for John White

·      --The defense must force some turnovers and give the Utes some short fields

Monday, October 24, 2011

Utes Move to Salvage Season


The 2011 season is officially in a free fall….It’s a disaster.   After falling to the Cal Bears 34-10, the Utes look like a team that could lose to any team remaining on their schedule.  This season has gone from one where championship dreams were flowing throughout the Salt Lake valley to one where I’m wondering just how much trouble they’re in.  Utah totaled 178 yards of total offense on Saturday and I was surprised to see it was that many.  Kyle Whittingham called Utah’s offense “anemic.”  ANEMIC!?  This offense could very well be the worst in college football.  The offense is--  

·       LAST in the PAC 12 in total offense. 108th nationally

·       LAST in passing offense.  93rd nationally

·       LAST in passing efficiency.  92nd nationally

·       9th in rushing offense.  Surprised its’ that high

·       AND 11th in scoring offense.  92nd nationally

With those numbers it’s a testament to the Utah defense that the Utes are 3-4.   At this point, the 2011 season is about trying to get to a bowl game and carry some momentum into next year.  Where does it begin?  Hopefully this week against the Oregon State Beavers.  At 2-5, the Beavers look like a solid candidate to begin the University of Utah football rehabilitation program but looks can be deceiving.  Oregon State has won two of their last 3 and they have found their quarterback in Sean Mannion.  By recent standards, the Utes will need to play well to win this game.  Some of my keys to the game—

·       Jon Hays has to tighten it up.  He’ll never be great.  0 turnovers would suffice.

·       Utah’s offensive line has to open up holes for John White. 

·       The defense must produce turnovers.  Clearly the common thread in Utah victories this season.

·       DeVonte Christopher (back off injury) has to  return to early season form.

I’m still hoping for 8-4…..The eternal optimist.