Monday, October 31, 2011

Utes Get First PAC-12 Win!

Everybody take a big sigh of relief.  The University of Utah has won a PAC-12 game.  John White racked up 205 yards and the Utes got the win over Oregon State 27-8.  Was it pretty? No…..The offense still struggled mightily as they totaled only 287 yards, 13 first downs and a measly SIXTY-TWO YARDS PASSING!!!!  As the offense struggled, the defense performed.  Oregon State totaled only 263 yards, 32 rushing and scored only 8 points. 

Impressively, Utah is ranked first in the PAC-12 in total defense and dead last in total offense.   That is a testament to how well Utah is defending this year considering an offense ranked dead last would be giving an opponent more possessions and time of possession.  The disparity raises the question…….

Is Kyle Whittingham over-stacking the defense with the teams best players?

Think about it……

Would Star Lotulelei not make a wonderful Guard?  Would the Kruger brothers not be effective Tackles?  Could Brian Blechen (a converted Quarterback) be the best QB on this team?  The disparity between the offense and the defense makes these important questions and an issue that the Utes will have to deal with moving forward in the PAC-12.

Up next for the Utes is the Arizona Wildcats (2-6) as they try to make history again and record their first ever road victory in the PAC-12.  It wont be easy.  Don’t be fooled by that record.  Nick Foles is an excellent Quarterback as is the Wildcat offense.  They’ll have some success….Even against a strong Utah defense.  It will be important for the Utes' offense to continue to limit turnovers and make enough plays to win the game.  Some of my keys to the game are—

·     -- Jon Hays must make some plays downfield to stretch the AU defense

·      --The Utah offensive line has to continue to open holes for John White

·      --The defense must force some turnovers and give the Utes some short fields

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  1. I was so excited when the Utes won this game. Our first Pac-12 win. History was made on this day. But, I think we're looking good for the rest of the season (I know I said this in my last post). The only team that may put up a solid fight is UCLA. After all, they did take out Arizona State this weekend, who we got beat pretty bad by earlier in the season.