Monday, November 14, 2011

The 2011 Football Season LIVES

We’re gonna play a different game today…..

The University of Utah’s football team improved to 6-4 on the season and 3-4 in conference with a 31-6 thrashing of division leader UCLA on Saturday.   The story of the game was thought to be the Utes getting their 6th win and becoming bowl eligible.  Many were very pleased with a season that looked somewhat salvaged. 

Then 4 more hours passed and everything changed.

The WASHINGTON STATE COUGARS (were gonna use caps to honor them) defeated Arizona State in Pullman amidst freezing temperatures and falling snow.  That unlikely result puts the Utes pack in contention to do much more than simply salvage their season.  The Utes are now only 1 game behind Arizona State and UCLA to represent the South Division in the inaugural PAC-12 championship.  My dream and mid-season delusion still lives.

But for that (still delusional) dream to happen, Arizona MUST beat Arizona state this Saturday.   In that event, Utah could very easily become part of a 3 way tie for the South Division championship and (by virtue of being highest in the BCS poll) represent the South Division in the championship game.  Go Wildcats!!!!!  After losing Jordan Wynn and after losing their first 4 conference games, the Utes are one epic Sun Devil meltdown game away from being tied up.

So…as I said, were gonna play a different game today and break down what needs to happen for Arizona to pull off the upset and do this for the Utes.  Here are some of my keys to the game—

·        Nick Foles and the Arizona offense must be effective in the short passing game and possess the ball.  Arizona cannot run effectively

·        They cannot give away any points.  Arizona is 12th in the PAC-12 in total defense and they must make the Sun Devils earn it

·        Hello Wildcat coners?  Earth to Wildcat corners?  Arizona’s pass defense is despicable.  You must show up in this one guys.  You have to play the best game all season to keep Brock Orsweiller and that Sun Devil offense from exploding.

·        Keola Antolin must give Arizona at least a passable running attack and soften up that defense

Go Wildcats….Beat those Sun Devils

Utah, Washington State breakdown to come later this week.

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  1. What a great game on Saturday. I was lucky enough to sit on the front row. It's been great to watch our Utes find their rhythm over these past few games. Hays is starting to play like a champ. Go Utes.