Sunday, September 18, 2011

Utah 54, BYU 10—-Utes blow away Team Down South

In one of the least expected outcomes in recent memory, Utah thrashed BYU in LaVell Edwards Stadium.  It was a joke…. BYU turned the ball over seven times and the Utes took advantage turning the game into an avalanche, crushing the Cougars 54-10.  Patterns are starting to form giving me a great deal of hope about what this can do.  Some of those include—

·        This offense plays better as the game wears on.  The offensive line wears down defensive fronts and the game plan sets up things that Norm Chow has the discipline not to burn until the game’s second half.  If Utah’s offense can learn how to start quick, this team will be a very tough out.

·        Jordan Wynn’s throwing motion is improving.  For the 3rd straight week, we’ve seen less wounded ducks and more zip on that ball.  He’s got to get a quicker release and prevent so many batted balls.  Very correctable and its improving.

·        This defense is as good as last year with an added pass rush.  Between Trevor Reilly’s two sacks and the outside pass rush of Derrick Shelby and Joe Kruger, the Utes have the ability to make pocket quarterbacks very uncomfortable.

·        The kicking game is a disaster.  For the second straight week, a field goal was kicked low enough for an outstretched hand to get a piece of it.  It went through but Utah has to get that corrected or it could cost them an appearance in the championship game.

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  1. Good post, once again. I'm glad the Utes are improving from week to week. The offense started playing great in the second half. The score after the first half was 14-10 for the Utes, for those who didn't know, and then they exploded in the second half. Jordan Wynn didn't turn his back to BYU's defensive line this game, which was great, and his passes seemed stronger and more accurate (better in the second half than in the first). The running game in the second half was great too. The defense was in top form throughout as they went on to force seven turnovers like you said. I'm so glad that Utah beat them this badly. This game showed why we're in the Pac-12 and why the Cougars are not. It was crazy seeing the final score. It hasn't been that far apart for years. Every game, from year to year, has been generally close. Last year, we won by blocking a field goal by two points. Anyway, it was great seeing the Utes play good and lets hope that they are able to keep it up.