Sunday, September 4, 2011

Utah 27, Montana State 10. Are my hopes dashed?

EEEEEK.  Double EEEEEK. Here I was a week ago contemplating planting a rose garden in September in preparation for a possible run to the Rose Bowl. Delusional?  Perhaps....  Possible? I thought so.... I was functioning under the impression that I cheered for a football team with a veteran and talented quarterback, strong offensive and defensive lines, plenty of speed around and a genius offensive coordinator in Norm Chow. What am I thinking now after watching the Ute offense fail to pass for 300 yards against their Big Sky opponent?....I’m thinking the quarterback part of that equation should have me holding off on the roses.
The first play from scrimmage, Jordan Wynn rolled out and found DeVonte Christopher for a….wait for it….4 yard gain which Christopher had to reach to the ground to get.  The second play from scrimmage was an incomplete pass to fullback Luke Matthews. The third play from scrimmage, Wynn overthrew Christopher on a ten yard curl.  And when I say “overthrew,” I mean Christopher needed to be Wilt Chamberlain on stilts to catch that ball.  For the game, Jordan Wynn went 15 of 23 for 101 yards against Montana State. One-hundred and freaking one yards! Let’s go get the Quarterback from Davis High.  I guarantee he could throw for 101 yards! Wynn looked confused...He looked panicky....He looked like it was first start. The worst indication for Ute fans was his reluctance to throw the ball deep ball.  Is that surgically repaired shoulder really healthy?  The dink and dunk throwing game against Montana State certainly didn’t prove it.  Was he under orders to not show much for the upcoming USC game?  I hope so.

For the Utes to be successful against PAC-12 opponents, they can’t just play good defense, make few mistakes and manage their offense to victories as they did against Mountain West opponents.  You actually have to be aggressive Utes.  You have to make your share of plays. The defense looked up to the task giving up only 258 yards to a reportedly competent Montana State offense. The kicking game (questionable leading up to the first game) showed up with Coleman Petersen making both of his field goal attempts.  We need OFFENSE. We need Jordan Wynn.  We need an offense which goes on the attack and takes advantage of defenses that over commit to the run.  We need the Ute offense to pull its weight.   That awful feeling I have in my gut after watching the Montana State game is…..they can’t.

I really like roses Jordan….Shapeup!


  1. I agree with you completely. We have the defense, we just need the offense to get out there and score. Yesterday against USC is a good example of this. We scored just twice. Before the business at the end with weird calls about USC's last touchdown, we could have won the game with just one more touchdown, or tied it with a field goal.